Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has won his gift shop battle.

Sanders announced in a press release Wednesday that he "welcomed a commitment" by the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History gift shops to sell American-made products rather than ones imported from other countries. Sanders's press release follows a meeting the senator had with museum executives on Tuesday.

The commitment from the museum signals a successful ending for Sanders's push to get American-made products sold exclusively in the gift shops.

In January, Sanders sent a letter to National Museum of American History Director Brent Glass, calling for the museum to sell American-made products. Sanders highlighted that miniature statues of American presidents were not made in the United States.

Sanders wrote that he thought it was "pathetic" that the gift shops weren't selling American-manufactured products.

"I do realize that the purchase of foreign products by the Smithsonian will not have a profound impact upon our massive trade deficit — currently at $457 billion. But the symbolism is extraordinary," Sanders wrote. "It appears that a museum owned by the people of the United States, celebrating the history of the United States, cannot find companies in this country employing American workers that are able to manufacture statues of our founding fathers, or our current president. That is pretty pathetic! I was not aware that the collapse of our manufacturing base had gone that far."

Read Sanders's whole letter below: