Former first lady Laura Bush admonished congressional Republicans against slashing key foreign aid programs in their thirst for spending cuts.

Bush, the first lady for eight years alongside Republican President George W. Bush, said the benefits provided by some foreign aid programs outweigh the savings from cuts to those programs.

“I would try to get in touch with some [House Republicans] and tell them that I think it’s really important and that it’s worth the 1 percent of the budget that it is," Bush said in an interview to air this weekend on Bloomberg television.

"It's worth it because of our own moral interest to be generous and to help other people, but it’s also worth it both for our national security and for economic interests," Bush added.

Laura Bush and the former first daughters, Jenna and Barbara, have been advocates for global programs both during their time in the White House, and since they've left.

Republicans in the House have called for all sorts of cuts to the federal budget, including cuts to foreign aid. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), for instance, raised eyebrows when he suggested that the GOP could even cut aid to Israel, which drew rebuke from some pro-Israel groups.