A Connecticut congressman on Wednesday lobbied for his home state team's NCAA tournament game to be moved from cable to network television in the state, arguing that many residents will not be able to view it.

Rep. Joe Courtney (D) penned a letter to CBS president Les Moonves and NCAA president Mark Emmert, asking them to move the Connecticut Huskies game Thursday night against the Wofford Terriers from TNT to a CBS affiliate. According to Courtney, 150,000 Connecticut households are unable to access the game on television.


"NCAA’s new contract with four television channels is a significant departure from previous years," Courtney wrote. "As multiple games have been televised simultaneously in the past, the NCAA and CBS has respectfully adjusted their coverage by region to ensure local fans had the opportunity to watch the hometown team. I hope that the NCAA and CBS can continue that commitment."

Courtney's request is due to the NCAA's decision to expand the tournament from 64 to 68 teams and adjust their television contract. In an effort to air all games on national television, some early round games will be broadcast on cable networks such as TNT and TBS, instead of CBS airing regional coverage of the tournament in the early rounds. 

The third-term lawmaker is not the only politician to weigh in on the NCAA tournament; President Obama filled out his tournament bracket in a special event that was broadcast on ESPN Tuesday. The move even earned him criticism from Republicans, who accused him of not being focused on effectively governing the country.

CBS and TNT executives last week said they were not concerned about the lack of regional coverage, considering home fans who do not get cable could still watch the game for free online, according to CBSsports.com.