Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday witnessed the newly renovated Wilmington, Del., Amtrak station be named for him and appeared humbled by the honor.

Biden became famous for frequently traveling from his home town to Washington on Amtrak during his nearly four-decade Senate career, but he said he is not worthy of the accolade.

"The truth is, I don't deserve this, unless you reward longevity," Biden said, according to

The Wilmington station is now officially called the Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Railroad Station

A $37.7 million renovation project was recently completed at the Wilmington train station. Construction took almost two years. $20 million from the federal stimulus act, which Biden helped oversee, went toward the project.

The Wilmington station is one of the busiest in the nation and is a part of Amtrak's heavily traveled Northeast corridor.

Biden recalled fond memories of traveling on the train to the nation's capital, especially in tough times.

"Everything, good or bad in my career, the first people I encountered were getting on the train," Biden said. "They were the first ones there for me. I mean, literally. They would say, 'Joe, it's going to be OK.'"