Bill O'Reilly on Monday criticized Sarah Palin, claiming she dodged his questions during a recent interview.

O'Reilly, lambasting the Obama administration's decision not to appear on Fox News Sunday to discuss the conflict in Libya, likened the White House move to his interview with the former Alaska governor: "The same thing's happening to Sarah Palin. Her favorability among Republicans and independents has dropped four points in a month. And the reason I think it's dropping is because, she's not engaging directly, you know. When I was on this program, I asked her some specific questions she didn't want to answer. She wanted to give a speech."

During a March 4 appearance on "The Factor," Palin was pressed by O'Reilly on her specific proposals on Social Security reform.

After a back-and-forth, Palin chided O'Reilly for interrupting her. Palin, who might launch a 2012 bid for the presidency, is a Fox News analyst.