Rohrabacher: Steven Seagal influenced Putin, Russian leaders with karate skills

{mosads}Seagal accompanied congressional investigators who were in Russia to investigate April’s Boston marathon bombing. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the brothers accused of the terror attacks, spent six years in southern Russia.

“Seagal opened some doors and we got to meet top people and we had dialogue with these people, not just diatribe, which as we’ve had in the past, great dialogue,” Rohrabacher said.

Asked if the action star might, like Reagan, have political aspirations of his own, Rohrabacher said Seagal “has an ambition to try to do something good for his country.”

“He, for example, helped us get down to Beslan, the school where hundreds of young children were murdered by Chechen radical Islamic terrorists,” the California lawmaker continued. “And we saw that and we met with the local people there.  And Steven did a good job in introducing us to people and showing us the things that will help us understand the challenge of radical Islamic insurgencies that the Russians are having to deal with.”


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