Real estate mogul Donald Trump is "embracing" the birther issue.

"I am embracing the issue, and I’m proud of the issue. I think somebody has to embrace it," Trump said Thursday on MSNBC.

Trump, who is mulling a 2012 presidential bid, has been arguing it's possible President Obama wasn't born in the United States and therefore isn't eligible to be president (a claim by the so-called "birthers").

He's said in a number of recent interviews that there's possibly some truth in the birther argument. In a Monday interview on "FOX and Friends," Trump accused Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie (D) of just trying to help the Democratic Party by saying he remembers Obama when he was a kid in Hawaii.

But Trump also criticized journalists for asking about his stance on the issue.

In the Thursday MSNBC interview, Trump accused the anchors of focusing only on his birther views rather than other issues related to running for president.

"Why don't you ask me about China?" Trump said. "Why don't you ask me about the fact that OPEC is ripping us off? Why don't you ask me about the fact that the Arab League is asking us to fight and they're not paying for it?"

During his presidential campaign Obama released his birth certificate to the public to satisfy the birthers, but the state of Hawaii has not released the document.

Trump has said he'll make a decision by June about running for the Republican nomination.