Wisconsin Democrats are expected to file a petition against a Republican state senator Friday, which would trigger a recall election. 

State Sen. Dan Kapanke would be subject to a recall election, according to The LaCrosse Tribune, since organizers gathered more than the 15,588 signatures needed to start the recall process. Kapanke is one of eight state senators Democrats targeted following the passage of GOP Gov. Scott Walker's controversial union law.


The petition against Kapanke is the first to gain the necessary signatures, according to the Tribune.

Democrats and union groups are targeting several Republican state senators as retribution against the law, which would curb collective bargaining rights for unionized state employees and force them to pay part of their health and pension benefits.

In order to flip the upper chamber from red to blue, Democrats would need to force recall elections, and then defeat, three GOP senators. 

Kapanke seemed unfazed by the prospect of facing an opponent this year.

“I love campaigns. I just didn’t think I’d do one every year,” Kapanke said last Saturday, reported the Tribune.

The filing against Kapanke will come less than halfway through the 60 days allotted to collect signatures. When the petition is filed, a 31-day review of the signatures will begin. Should an extension not be filed, an election would be held the sixth Tuesday after the petition is certified, according to the Tribune.

If more than one candidate jumps into the race, a primary will be held, with the winner facing Kapanke in a general election four weeks later.