President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) had a brief phone call Wednesday as a government shutdown loomed, and Boehner told the president he is "hopeful" a spending deal can be reached, the Speaker's office said.

"The Speaker reiterated that the House’s goal is to prevent a government shutdown and make real cuts in spending, which the Speaker has argued is necessary to support private-sector job creation and boost confidence in the nation’s economy," a readout from Boehner's office said. "He told the President he remains hopeful a deal can be reached and that talks would continue."

The call, which Obama initiated, last approximately three minutes, Boehner's office said.

Obama then left Washington for afternoon and evening events in Philadelphia and New York, though he had said he would convene budget meetings at the White House every day until a deal is reached.

Boehner will brief House Republicans on the state of talks later Wednesday afternoon.