Canvassing in Wisconsin's closely watched Supreme Court race on Thursday showed that Wednesday's initial result may not hold.

New results across several counties showed Justice David Prosser picking up votes on his challenger, Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg. Wednesday's results had the liberal-backed Kloppenburg leading the conservative-backed Prosser by 204 votes.

Kloppenburg went so so far as to declare victory following the final Associated Press count on Wednesday, but Prosser's campaign manager Brian Nemoir said the race is far from over.

"Everything we're hearing right now indicates that we're going to be in a recount," Nemoir said, according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "There's not anything that's going to decide this today or tomorrow."

The race has drawn national attention since many consider it the first statewide referendum on GOP Gov. Scott Walker's controversial new union law, which curbs collective bargaining rights for unionized state employees.

An initial discrepancy was found between Winnebago County's latest figures and those reported by the AP. The county's numbers showed Prosser leading Kloppenburg 20,701 to 18,887, while the AP showed him leading her 19,991 to 18,421, the Journal Sentinel reported. He also picked up 200 votes in Waukesha County, according to reports.

Canvassing in other counties showed Prosser picking up handfuls of votes, while Kloppenburg picked up at least 191 votes in other counties.

In any case, the election is likely to head to a recount, and county officials continue to certify Tuesday's results.

-- This post was originally published at 3:54 p.m.