Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) — a leading opponent of raising the nation's debt ceiling — on Thursday acknowledged that a bloc of congressional conservatives may not be able to stop a debt-ceiling increase.

People all over the country are opposed to raising the debt ceiling, Bachmann said during an interview on Fox Business Network. But when asked if President Obama will get his wish for the debt ceiling to be raised, the potential GOP presidential candidate said it could very well happen.


"Unfortunately, I think he may, and I am not in favor of that," she said.

Bachmann's words come as Republicans leaders in Congress have said they will block a debt-ceiling increase unless significant spending cuts or other fiscal reforms are attached. 

But the Tea Party favorite has urged her party's leaders to take a stand on the debt-ceiling vote, rather than cut a deal.

"It's possible I might be at odds with the Republican Party again," Bachmann said of the upcoming debt-limit vote on Fox News this week. "I know very clearly what people are telling me in my district in Minnesota and around the country. They're saying, 'We're tired of giving the government more authority to borrow money.'" 

The Obama administration has placed heavy pressure on lawmakers to raise the nation's debt ceiling before it reaches its $14.3 trillion limit around May 16. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geither has warned that failing to do so could be "catastrophic" for the economy.

Perhaps in a message to other potential Republican presidential candidates, Bachmann said that people in key early primary states also do not want to raise the debt ceiling.

"I have been all across the country, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa," she said. "I will tell you, people are not in favor of the federal government doing the same-old, same-old and increase the debt."