Support for Donald Trump's potential presidential candidacy took a hit at the end of April, according to a poll released Friday.

After a month in which Trump had seen his stock climb in polling on the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, the real estate mogul's numbers declined slightly against other GOP leaders vying for the nomination in a Fox News poll released late Thursday.

Eight percent of Republicans said they would like to see Trump win the GOP nomination, down from 11 percent who said the same in an early April poll. That puts Trump fourth, behind former Govs. Mitt Romney (19 percent), Mike Huckabee (17 percent) and Sarah Palin (8 percent).

The Fox poll was conducted through Wednesday, the day on which President Obama released his "long-form" birth certificate. Trump gained a great deal of traction as a Republican candidate by questioning the legitimacy of Obama's birth certificate, and the president's release on Wednesday confirmed that Obama was born in Hawaii, despite Trump's suspicions.

Other numbers in the poll didn't bode particularly well for the host of TV's "The Apprentice."

Sixty-two percent of Americans said they would be "not at all" proud of Trump as their president, a number that far eclipses the distaste for other Republican presidential candidates. Fifty-seven percent of adults said they had an unfavorable opinion of Trump, versus 33 percent who have a favorable opinion of the billionaire.

Moreover, Americans were split, at 47 percent apiece, over whether they like Trump's "straight talk" during his flirtations with a potential presidential candidacy.

The poll, conducted April 25-27, has a 3 percent overall margin of error, and a 6 percent margin of error among Republicans.