A limousine in President Obama's motorcade got stuck while the vehicles were departing the U.S. embassy in Dublin on Monday.

While the motorcade was making its exit, one of the limousines got stuck on a ramp. A White House pool report and initial media reports had indicated it was Obama's armored limousine. But, in a statement, the Secret Service said the limousine was in fact not carrying the president and first lady.

"Departing the US Embassy — Dublin, the Secret Service Spare Limousine, carrying staff and support personnel only, bottomed out at the top of the driveway rendering the vehicle inoperable," the statement said. "Occupants were relocated into other vehicles and the motorcade departed out another exit without further incident.  No injuries.

"The size of our vehicles is always an issue and taken into consideration during the advance process. However, it only takes a slight miscalculation for problem like this to occur. Appropriate follow-up will be conducted."

-- This story was updated from its initial version.

Watch a video of the incident: