As emergency responders continue the grim work of identifying those killed by the tornado in Joplin, Mo., Gov. Jay Nixon said Sunday that he was not focused on the growing casualty list, but on rebuilding the community.

"This isn't about a scoreboard, this is about a series of individual tragedies," Nixon (D) said on CNN's "State of the Union." "Those numbers have far exceeded what anyone had ever hoped for, far exceed any single tornado in the history of our country."


At least 139 were killed by the massive tornado a week ago, with more than 40 people still unaccounted for.

President Obama is on his way to Joplin for a memorial service Sunday a day Nixon has declared a "State Day of Prayer and Remembrance."

"Today as we pause to bring everybody together -- all the ministers, all the clergy -- for a memorial service, we're focused on remembering and inspiring others to come together the way they have here," Nixon said.

"We're going to rebuild Joplin. We're going to focus on rebuilding our souls today and begin the process of rebuilding Joplin when that memorial service is over. "

Asked if what type of help he would request from Obama, Nixon said he wanted to country as a whole to keep those affected in their thoughts.

"We want to continue to feel the people of this country continuing to reaching out to us and giving to our various charities," he said. "We also are going to need their will to rebuild here. We're going to need the assistance of everybody to get this site cleaned off and rebuilt."