“Not in 50 years have we needed investments in our infrastructure like we do today. Frankly, the situation is approaching a crisis. Our congested and deteriorating transportation systems are hurting all of us — threatening business productivity and affecting the lives of anybody who travels,” Trumka said. “Let me just say that I think we need to put our combined muscle behind the wheel, behind a renewed effort to win the investments America needs.”


Trumka said workers and businesses in the United States used to work together but that relationship has suffered over the years. That’s why the labor leader has invited Donohue to speak to the AFL-CIO’s Executive Council to help improve relations.

“I’d like us to change that. That’s why I’m especially glad to be here today, and why, Tom, I look forward to your visit soon to the AFL-CIO’s Executive Council — because I believe business and working people often stand on common ground, and we should speak with one voice every chance we get,” Trumka said.