A senior adviser to President Obama's reelection campaign went on the offensive against former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) on Friday for calling for the firing of a top White House official.

David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to the president who stepped down to take a role with the reelection campaign, said Romney was about "all attack, no ideas."

Axelrod tweeted:

In business, Romney made a fortune firing American workers. As governor, 47th on job creation.Now? All attack, no ideas.

Romney called earlier today for Obama to fire David Plouffe, a top White House aide who earlier this week said that the unemployment number wouldn't affect voters' decisions so much as the overall state of the economy.

Romney's demand followed a poor jobs report for June showing that only 18,000 new jobs were created last month.

Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom responded via Twitter:

Hey @davidaxelrod, were you the one who told Plouffe to say that unemployment doesn't matter to average Americans? Bad move.