President Obama's approval rating hit an all-time low Friday in the Gallup Poll's rolling average of his favorability numbers.

Forty percent of Americans said they approve of the way Obama his handling his job, eclipsing the previous low of 41 percent that the president had hit twice before during his administration.

Gallup, which keeps track of Obama's daily, rolling approval rating, found that Obama's job performance number had ticked downward in the last few days of polling. Obama's approval rating marks a tumble from his most recent high, a 50 percent approval rating on June 7.

That's a discouraging number for Obama, and comes amid the summer doldrums that include his protracted fight with Congress over how and whether to increase the nation's debt limit. A Pew poll this week found Obama leading a generic Republican candidate by one point, 41-40 percent, among registered voters.

The poll, conducted July 26-28, has a 3 percent margin of error.