Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) faced some jeers and tough questions during a meet-and-greet on Thursday in New Hampshire.

During another day of stumping in the first-in-the-nation primary state, Perry was met by supporters, but also faced jeers from some in the crowd.

"Let them eat cake, Gov. Perry?" shouted one man.

"You're a threat to America!" shouted another at the event, which was streamed online by CNN.

One questioner of Perry, who identified himself as a state representative — there are 400 members of the state House — pressed the Texas governor on how he could deny the existence of global warming when a number of companies in Texas are benefiting by manufacturing clean energy technology.

"The record's still out on whether global warming is manmade. I'm a skeptic about the science so far," Perry responded. "What we're doing now is making our country be dependent upon foreign sources of energy."

Another person, who identified herself as a former member of the state Senate, asked about whether Perry supports a cap-and-trade system to cut emissions.

"I'm not a fan of cap-and-trade from the standpoint of a national cap-and-trade," he said.