Cain PAC accuses left of ‘high-tech lynching’ in fundraising letter

The fundraising letter, which came from Jordan Gehrke, the campaign director for Americans For Herman Cain, is titled “Don’t let the left ‘lynch’ another black conservative.”

The email draws a clear line between the GOP candidate’s presidential race and the sexual harassment allegations directed toward Cain that surfaced over the weekend.

{mosads}“They’re at it again. The left is trying to destroy Herman Cain — just like they did to Clarence Thomas,” the letter said, referring to the Supreme Court justice, who is also black. “They are engaging in a high-tech lynching by smearing his reputation and attacking his character.”

“The idea of a black conservative like Herman Cain as the GOP nominee is Barack Obama and the left’s worst nightmare,” the letter continued. “That’s why they will do anything to take him down.”

Some Cain supporters and notable media conservatives, such as Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, have made similar arguments in the days since the story broke.

Others on the right have dismissed the idea out of hand. Former Arkansas Gov. and 2008 presidential contender Mike Huckabee said he could “almost guarantee” the story came from one of Cain’s opponents in the GOP field.

Cain has acknowledged he was accused of sexual harassment while he headed the National Restaurant Association from 1996 to 1999, but said the charges were “baseless.” But he has also offered conflicting details about financial settlements reached with two women who reportedly complained that he had engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior.

“Let’s send a clear message to those who would like to tell us what to do,” the letter continued. “Let’s stand up against those who would like to take down any black man who stands up for conservative values.”

Americans for Herman Cain and its fundraising arm, the 9-9-9 Fund, are not affiliated with the Cain’s election team, as political action committees are barred from communicating with campaigns.

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