Grover Norquist fires back at Rep. Andrews over Twitter

{mosads}“I understood it to mean that for the next term, if I were elected, I would not vote to raise taxes,” Andrews told The Hill. He called the ATR website “terribly misleading.”

“I never considered it to be like my marriage vows,” he added. “I’m married to Camille Andrews, not Grover Norquist. I promised her to be faithful until death do us part, and I mean it. I did not promise him to oppose tax increases until death do us part.”

Norquist shot back at Andrews over Twitter.

“The tax pledge is a promise to oppose tax hikes as long as one is in Congress. Not until you change your mind,” he said.

“But you know this because it was written down in Questions and Answers attached to the pledge you signed,” he added in another tweet.

Norquist then linked to that section of the pledge.

The ATR pledge has 238 House signers, although some lawmakers told The Hill they no longer feel bound to uphold the document they signed, in some cases, more than a decade ago. Others have said their names are still listed as signers when they specifically refused to re-sign the pledge during their most recent campaigns.

Some Democrats have cited the pledge as evidence that GOP lawmakers are unwilling to negotiate in good faith over deficit reductions.

“The difficulty we find is that every one of these discussions, Grover Norquist seems to be in the room,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters Tuesday. “I am hopeful that the Republicans on the supercommittee will break away from this.”

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