Republican presidential contender and Texas Gov. Rick Perry continued his criticisms of Social Security, calling the program a monstrous lie” the Houston Chronicle reported.

It is a Ponzi scheme for these young people,” Perry said Saturday at a campaign stop in Ottumwa, Iowa. The idea that theyre working and paying into Social Security today, that the current program is going to be there for them, is a lie. It is a monstrous lie on this generation, and we cant do that to them.”


In his anti-Washington book Fed Up!” published this year, Perry had harsh words for Social Security, criticisms he has reiterated on the campaign trail.

Campaigning in Iowa, Perry also suggested a willingness to means-test Social Security benefits.

Does Warren Buffett need to get Social Security? Maybe not,” Perry said.

At a second appearance in Des Moines, Iowa, Perry continued to hammer at the President Obamas economic record.

Instead of eliminating our economic crisis, he worsened it. ... Instead of addressing the debt, he exploded it,” Perry said, according to The Associated Press.

The presidents policies, Perry claimed, have created economic misery.” Perry has sought to contrast the president’s performance on jobs with his own record as Texas governor.

Perry spoke Saturday at the annual Polk County GOP picnic. The event was also attended by rival GOP candidates Reps. Thaddeus McCotter (Mich.) and Ron Paul (Texas), but Perry managed to garner most of the attention.

A Gallup poll released Wednesday had the Texas governor assuming front-runner status in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, eclipsing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. The poll found that 29 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents preferred Perry as the partys nominee.