Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. (R) still plans to attend a Republican presidential debate Wednesday night despite a sinus infection, his campaign said.

Governor Huntsman woke up with a sinus infection this morning — he is going to rest up today and will be participating in the debate this evening, Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller said. 

Huntsman was also scheduled to appear on Fox News and MSNBC earlier Wednesday. MSNBC said Huntsman was still scheduled to appear on Andrea Mitchell Reports despite feeling under the weather. He skipped his interview with Fox.

During the MSNBC interview he said that his voice would be back in time for the debate.

"My voice will be back in fighting condition in a few short hours and that's the way we want it," Huntsman said. 

In the same interview Huntsman declined to attack former Massachussetts Gov. Mitt Romney's (R) jobs plan which Romney unveiled yesterday. Huntsman's campaign responded on Tuesday with a video attacking the plan.

"So I'm not going to make any prediction specifically about where we're going to be in terms of the numbers of jobs," Huntsman said. "All I'm going to tell you is I'm going to do what I did in the state of Utah, and that's to create the most hospitable environment for the attraction of brainpower, for the attraction of capital and the creation of jobs. "

The debate is scheduled for 8 p.m. EDT at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif. Along with Huntsman, seven other GOP presidential hopefuls are slated to attend.

— This story was last updated at 3:06 p.m.