South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) said she will not endorse former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (R) for president.

"Naturally, I am going to go with someone that philosophically I agree with, and Jon Huntsman is not it," Haley said on conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham's show.


Her endorsement is coveted among the GOP presidential contenders, especially since she has said she will announce her pick before South Carolina's influential primary. Since the primary's inception in 1980, the primary winner has gone on to win the GOP nomination.

Haley, a rising star in the Republican Party who came to national prominence during the 2010 election, said that what she was searching for a "strong conservative" on jobs and the economy.

"If you talk to him about things he knows about, China and the economy, yes, that's great stuff," Haley said. "But what I really want to get is a strong conservative that understands jobs and the economy matter, and it's not what we say, it's what we do, and how are we going to fix this?"

In response the Huntsman campaign said that on jobs, Huntsman had the most conservative record of the 2012 Republican presidential field.

"On the issue that matters most to South Carolina, creating jobs, Gov. Huntsman has offered the most conservative, pro-growth plan and has the best record to back it up," Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller said Thursday.

Huntsman has made several visits to the state, has a large campaign operation there and has been endorsed by the state's attorney general.

Haley's also been seen as a possible vice presidential nominee despite shooting down the possibility. During her campaign for South Carolina's governorship she was endorsed by several prominent Republicans, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R).