Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) slammed aspects of President Obama's new jobs plan as a "pipe dream."

"It's a pipe dream, and it's also a discouragement, for this reason," Crapo said in an interview with Bloomberg News set to air Friday night. "It's a pipe dream in the sense that he's proposing to do the pay-fors over 10 years, but the spending is happening over two. And we need to remember that."

Crapo added that Obama's plan was discouraging because it called for deficit reductions on top of the $1.5 trillion the supercommittee is charged with finding.

"But even more so, the way he said he wanted to do it was that he said he wanted to just add this on top of what the joint committee that's now working on the debt crisis solution is working on," Crapo said. "And the reason that's discouraging is because he appears to be saying that, if we meet the minimum target of about $2 trillion to $2.5 trillion of the debt ceiling debate conclusion, that then we can start spending again."

On Thursday, Obama laid out his new $447 billion proposal for job creation —  the American Jobs Act — comprised of $175 billion in employee payroll tax cuts, infrastructure spending and extended unemployment insurance benefits for an additional year.

Most Democrats embraced the plan and urged swift action to pass it. Meanwhile, the Republican response has been somewhat more conciliatory than is usual of late.