Real estate mogul Donald Trump called Texas Gov. Rick Perry a “terrific guy” Thursday and said his meeting with the Republican presidential candidate Wednesday night “went really well.”

“He called me out of nowhere, which I respect,” Trump said of Perry on conservative Sean Hannity’s radio show. “He wanted to get to know me a little bit.”

Trump said he and Perry dined out at the pricey Jean-Georges restaurant in New York City. He indicated their conversation included topics such as China and the jobs crisis.

“I also received a phone call from Gov. [Mitt] Romney,” Trump said of the former Massachusetts governor, another front-runner in the Republican race. “I’m seeing Gov. Romney next week. I’m seeing everybody.”

Trump reportedly met with Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) earlier this year. Trump didn’t mention any other candidates by name, though he criticized the size of the field.

“I think we have too many of them,” he said. “Some of them just don’t have a chance. It would be better if they would clear out so you don’t have to listen to their answers.”

Trump said he plans to endorse once he has sized up the current field. Although he announced earlier this year that — despite good polling — he would not seek the Republican nomination, Trump said he has not ruled out jumping into the race as an Independent candidate.

Trump aide and lawyer Michael Cohen described Trump’s influence over the primary candidates as that of “the Godfather of politics” on ABC’s “Topline” earlier in the day.

“Everyone wants Mr. Trump’s support," Cohen told the New York Post.