A new Gallup poll shows a record high number of Americans are dissatisfied with how the nation is being governed.

Eighty-one percent of Americans expressed dissatisfaction with the nation’s governance. Only 19 percent polled said they were satisfied.


The concerns over government were shared by members of both parties. Sixty-five percent of Democrats were dissatisfied, as well as 92 percent of Republicans.

Congress fared worst in the poll, with 82 percent of Americans disapproving of its performance. Only 15 percent approve of Congress.

Only 31 percent said they had a “great deal” or “fair amount” of confidence in the legislative branch. Only 47 percent expressed similar confidence in the executive branch, with 63 percent for the judicial branch.

Elected officials generally fared poorly in the survey. Only 45 percent said they had confidence in the “men and women in political life in this country who either hold or are running for public office.”

The survey’s results come as Washington once again faces the prospect of a government shutdown.

The Democratic Senate and GOP House are deadlocked over a short-term spending resolution needed to keep government running through Nov. 18.

The Senate rejected a House bill passed Friday over objections to the level of disaster relief funding and offsets to an Energy Department program to help pay for the aid.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency warned that it has $175 million in its disaster relief fund and could run out of money as early as Tuesday.

Gallup’s annual survey of confidence in governance was conducted over Sept. 8 to 11. The poll has a 4 percent margin of error.