Poll: Six in 10 would replace every member of Congress

A new poll from NBC News and The Wall Street Journal highlighted public disgust with Congress over the government shutdown and debt-deal fight, with Republicans taking much of the blame. 

Six in 10 people said they would defeat and replace every member of Congress if they could, including their own, a warning to members of both parties just a year before the midterm elections. 

But the news was worse for Republicans. 

{mosads}Approval of their party dipped to 24 percent in the poll, with 53 percent of the public blaming Republicans for the shutdown, compared to 31 percent that blamed Obama. Thirteen percent blame both parties equally. 

Disapproval of Republicans topped 70 percent in the poll, compared to 59 percent disapproval of Democrats. Forty-eight percent of the public disapproves of Obama.  

More than a year out from the midterm elections, 47 percent would like to see a Democratic-controlled Congress. Thirty-nine percent would like Republicans to keep control, and 14 percent are not sure. The 8-point advantage for Democrats is a 5-percent increase in one month.

House GOP leaders on Thursday proposed a six-week hike to the debt ceiling to buy time for a longer budget negotiation. Republicans discussed the proposal with President Obama at the White House Thursday evening, and both sides described the talks as constructive. 

There was also a notable change of tone from Republicans and the White House after the meeting, a possible sign the sides are getting close to a deal and that the polls have been noticed.

Compared to the last shutdown in 1996, Republicans are shouldering more of the blame. A similar poll taken at the end of the previous shutdown found 44 percent of the public blamed Republicans while 33 percent blamed the then-President Clinton. 

Seventy percent of people believe Republicans are putting their political agenda above the good of the country, while 51 percent think Obama is doing the same. 

A week away from the Oct. 17 deadline to raise the debt limit, 42 percent of the public believes the economy will get worse before it gets better. That is up 18 points since last month. 

The poll surveyed 800 national adults and has a 3.46 percent margin of error.

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