Tea Party favorite Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) will meet privately with Rick Perry, said a DeMint aide.

The meeting is set for Tuesday in Greenville, S.C., where the Texas governor will announce his campaigns national tax plan. DeMint also plans to meet with businessman Herman Cain, another Republican presidential hopeful, next week. Both the Cain meeting and the Perry meeting are a continuation of the conservative firebrands series of sit-downs with members of the 2012 presidential field.

Cain has mentioned DeMint as a possible vice presidential pick, saying the South Carolina senator is the kind of person who is not afraid to challenge the system. 

As a conservative favorite as well as a senator from the early primary state of South Carolina, DeMints endorsement is a highly valuable one in the 2012 GOP primary.

Recently, Roll Call reported that DeMint was thinking of endorsing former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, but DeMints office flatly denied the report, saying that DeMint had not chosen a candidate yet and might not back one at all.

For his part though, DeMint has been cautious about showing his hand on his endorsement. He has stressed that he plans to back a candidate farther along the line in the presidential race, if he decides to endorse at all.