The Republican National Committee on Tuesday released a new round of comical Web ads attacking President Obama’s healthcare law. 

The Web ads targeting young people play on the old PC vs. Mac ads — featuring a bumbling, disheveled actor named ObamaCare and his friend. The group released an earlier round of similar ads late last month. 


They are set to run on ESPN and Comedy Central YouTube pages in college towns, according to the RNC. 

The ads hit President Obama on his promise that people buying insurance on the individual market would be able to keep their plans if they liked them. 

Another ad mocks Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen SebeliusKathleen Sebelius65 former governors, mayors back bipartisan infrastructure deal Fauci: 'Horrifying' to hear CPAC crowd cheering anti-vaccination remarks The Memo: Biden and Democrats face dilemma on vaccine mandates MORE’s “whatever” comment during her testimony before Congress last month. 

An exasperated Sebelius, reacting to a question about who was ultimately responsible for the botched rollout said, “You’re clearly, whatever. Yes, he is the president. He is responsible for government programs.” 

The final ad points out that a married couple without children would qualify for tax subsidies to defray the cost of healthcare if they made less than $62,000 combine. But if the same couple was unmarried, each individual could qualify for subsidies if each made less than $46,000 — or a combine total much higher than if they were married.  

"Staying single actually saves you money on health insurance … Yeah, it’s a wedding tax,” the actor playing ObamaCare says in the ad. 

“Every day more Americans are finding out the president’s signature healthcare law isn’t what President Obama sold us,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said. “Between people losing their insurance and others being forced to pay more for healthcare under this disastrous law, ObamaCare hasn’t helped solve our nation’s healthcare problems.”