The Occupy Wall Street protests are not reflective of the opinions of most Americans, Sen. Joe Lieberman said Monday.

"The way this Occupy Wall Street is expressing itself is not reflective of the majority of people in our country," Lieberman (I-Conn.) said on the Laura Ingraham show.

Lieberman also said that the anti-corporate protesters should mimic what the Tea Party did: form a clear platform and start participating in elections.

"This group ought to do what the Tea Party did," Lieberman added. "It formed a platform and it got into the election."

Critics of the protests have said Occupy Wall Street does not have a core set of complaints that make it a coherent movement.

Both Republicans and Democrats have weighed in on the protests, roughly along partisan lines. The Republican National Committee said Democratic leaders who support the Occupy Wall Street had been ignoring anti-Semitic comments by demonstrators.

"Democratic leaders have spent the last week championing the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement," RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer said in a statement earlier this month. "Yet in the midst of protesters’ extreme anti-Semitic, anti-Israel comments, they’ve been silent."