Rush indicated that his remarks were prompted in part by hearing stories from mothers of ill treatment by schools after student athletes suffered injuries. He spoke at a congressional forum held in the Capitol Visitor Center that Rush organized to examine "the impacts of back-room deals, payoffs, and scandals in American collegiate student athletics."

The forum included a variety of representatives from college athletics, including former agents and players.

"Recent revelations arising out of significant and serious NCAA infractions and violations ... have raised serious questions about the willingness and ability of NCAA authorities and participating conferences and schools to regulate conduct," according to the press release announcing the event.

A NCAA spokesman pushed back in a response to USA Today. 

"Congressman Rush obviously doesn't know the NCAA," said NCAA spokesman Bob Williams. "The NCAA and its member institutions provide over $2 billion per year in scholarships, financial assistance and academic support to student-athletes, second only to the federal government. Student-athlete success is our mission."