Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) said Sunday that the botched rollout of ObamaCare has proven the Tea Party right.

The former vice presidential pick said the website woes around the program have highlighted problems with big government programs that the Tea Party has railed against since President ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaClyburn predicts Supreme Court contender J. Michelle Childs would get GOP votes Progressives see Breyer retirement as cold comfort The names to know as Biden mulls Breyer's replacement MORE took office.


“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch,” she said on “Fox News Sunday.” “It’s a tipping point, people are awake now.

“People have awakened and realize the Tea Party was right then – they may be right on a couple other issues too,” she added.

Palin, like many Republicans in Congress, dismissed the recent move by Senate Democrats to ease the confirmation path for presidential nominees by invoking the so-called “nuclear option” on Senate rules as an attempt to distract the public.

She contended that during Thanksgiving, most people are not going to be discussing a change to arcane Senate rules that allow Democrats to confirm nominees with a simple majority.

“People are going to be talking about our failed big government policies,” she said. “It’s a distraction and it’s a lot of double standard and Democrat hypocrisy.”

At the same time, she supported the recent spike in Republican efforts to block Obama nominees, which has come at a much higher clip than similarly experienced by President George W. Bush from Senate Democrats. Palin contended that Republicans were right to block several of the president’s picks, including judicial nominees.

“There are a lot of wildly outside the mainstream nominees and pals of Barack Obama,” she said. “That’s one thing Congress has done right.”

Palin also dismissed recent comments from MSNBC host Martin Bashir. Palin recently commented that the nation’s national debt was akin to slavery, and Bashir lashed out, noting that one slave owner used to punish slaves by forcing one to defecate in the other’s mouth. He then suggested Palin should receive similar treatment, while calling her a “world-class idiot.” Bashir later apologized for his “deeply offensive” comments.

On Sunday, Palin called the comments “vile” and “evil,” but also said she accepted Bashir’s apology.