Study: Parents with daughters lean Republican
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Parents who only have daughters are more likely to identify with the GOP, a new study suggests.

The Pew Research Center highlighted a study released last week that found either having only daughters or having daughters first had a statistically significant effect on the parents’ political party. 

Parents who only have daughters are 11 percent more likely to identify with the Republican Party, according to the report in the Sociological Forum journal. 


The link was strongest with wealthier and educated families and statistically insignificant in poorer conditions. The report attempts to explain the connection by asserting that parents who have daughters prefer conservative social policies, which are in line with the GOP. 

"If individual interests lie in genetic endurance, both men and women with more daughters should prefer socially conservative policies favored by the Republican Party: an emphasis on family and teen abstinence, which stress investment in children," reads a draft of the report. 

Another study highlighted by Pew earlier this year found that males who grow up in a family with sisters tend to be more Republican as well. 

However, last week’s study points out that the findings conflict with some previous research. 

The study was based on the General Social Survey in 1994, which was the only year the survey asked about offspring sex and birth order. The sample group included 661 parents. The study is titled, "The Effect of Daughters on Partisanship and Social Attitudes Toward Women."