Cain also suggested deploying a fleet of naval warships armed with defensive ballistic missile technology around the globe to project American power. He said that such a move would give nations like Iran pause when considering antagonizing the United States.

"This kumbaya strategy isn't working… if Iran feels frogish and wants to jump, jump - we will be able to respond effectively," Cain said.

At a health care forum on Capitol Hill later Wednesday, Cain said that he hoped to have President Obama's plan repealed by March 23, 2013 - three years to the day after Obama signed the bill into law, and, coincidentally, his son's birthday.

"I am 100 percent behind and will sign legislation as soon as it hits my desk to repeal Obamacare entirely, because it is a disaster," Cain said.

Cain also argued for tort reform and "loser-pay" laws that would punish those found to have filed frivolous lawsuits.

"Just like a judge has to impose a certain penalty for certain felonies, judges should have mandatory penalties they impose for frivolous claims," Cain said.

The Republican House members assembled seemed impressed by Cain's appearance.

"I liked what I heard, he seemed engaged on the issues of health care," Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-Pa.) said following the event.