Also, Pajamas Media, a conservative-leaning blog, citing two anonymous sources, published additional details about the incident that allegedly occurred between Cain and one of the women.


Cain's story on the accusations and payments has shifted throughout the week, after the candidate initially told Fox News and a meeting of reporters at the National Press Club that he was unaware of any settlement.

But in an interview Monday news with Fox, Cain said that he had remembered the organization did come to a departure agreement with his one of his accusers.

“It might have been two months' [salary]. I don’t remember the exact number, but I do remember my general counsel saying, 'The good news is, we didn’t pay all of this money that was being demanded,' ” Cain said.

Later in the interview, Cain increased the number of months' pay, suggesting the pay-out could have been “maybe three months’ salary or something like that, just vaguely trying to recall it.”

Then, in an interview with CNN Tuesday, he acknowledged that the package might have been larger.

“The one I remember and am aware of and was a financial settlement and it was somewhere in the vicinity of three to six months’ severance pay, something of that nature," Cain said.

But Politico reported that "the compensation the woman received as part of her departure package was far more than that what a mid-level trade association employee in the late 1990s would have made over a two-to-three month period." The New York Times said that the second woman — who received $35,000 — was paid a full year's salary.

Cain's campaign has scrambled to account for the allegations — and the candidate's continually shifting story on the subject. Earlier Thursday, Cain Chief of Staff Mark Block walked back accusations that rival Rick Perry's campaign had planted the story after the former Cain staffer and current Perry consultant that Cain believed to be the source denied the allegation and told reporters they were free to report if he was the leak. No one has.