New York Rep. Nan Hayworth (R) threw her support behind Mitt Romney on Friday. 

"Mitt Romney has proven as a governor and as a business leader that he can turn around tough situations and make things work," Hayworth said in a statement. "I have complete confidence in his ability to balance the federal budget, make the government efficient and effective, and ensure that all Americans have the opportunity they deserve and the prosperity they need. Mitt Romney is the right person to get us back to work, and he will make an outstanding president."

Hayworth serves on the House Financial Services Committee. The Romney campaign described her as a representative that has "worked to reduce federal spending and lift regulatory burdens on job creators." 

"Congresswoman Hayworth has prioritized creating jobs and getting government spending under control," Romney said in a statement. "I hope, as president, to work with Nan to ensure that our children and grandchildren will not be the ones to shoulder trillions of dollars in debt they had no part in creating."

Hayworth's endorsement comes the same day that Romney slammed Obama in response to news that the economy added 80,000 jobs in October. 

"President Obama’s reckless spending and trillion dollar deficits are hurting this economy and stifling job growth," Romney said in a statement on Friday.