Democratic Sens. Dick DurbinDick DurbinThe Memo: Biden looks for way to win back deflated Black voters Effort to overhaul archaic election law wins new momentum Senate panel advances bill blocking tech giants from favoring own products MORE (Ill.) and Charles Schumer (N.Y.), and Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) recently opened their doors to show the real “Alpha” house on Capitol Hill. 

"Welcome to the Omega House," Durbin said as he gave a tour of their home to CNN’s Dana Bash. The three are roommates. 

The lawmakers’ home inspired Amazon's TV series “Alpha House,” except its fictional stars are Republicans.

“We want to say they are nothing like us,” Schumer said. “Don’t even begin to think so.”


Miller is the landlord.

"This is where I've lived for 31 years," Schumer said. He moved into the home in 1982. He was first elected to the House two years earlier, which he served in until 1999. 

The home hasn’t been updated since the early '80s, Schumer said. During the tour, the three Democrats allowed Bash to inspect paint peeling on the walls, a life-sized poster of President Obama positioned next to Schumer’s bed, clothes draped across couches, and what appears to be a rotting kettle atop an old stove.

Bash asked what year the kettle is from.

“Well, Ben Franklin gave that to us,” Schumer joked.

They also revealed traps set for their ongoing rat problem. 

“I had a dream literally two nights ago that the rats were back,” Schumer said.

“I thought the rats were in the Senate. ... I didn’t know they came to the House," Miller replied.