The attorney for Karen Kraushaar, one of the women who received a settlement from the National Restaurant Association after accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment, said Thursday that a plan for a joint news conference to include all four Cain accusers had been tabled.

Joel Bennett, Kraushaars attorney, had said Wednesday that his client would be willing to hold a news conference even if she and Sharon Bialek, Cains other public accuser, were unable to convince the two other women to come forward.

Bialek had said Wednesday on MSNBC that she would be open to a joint news conference.

If the women would like to get together — and Gloria [Allred, Bialeks attorney] and I have yet to discuss this — Im all for it if Gloria is, Bialek said.

Then Bennett told The New York Times that Kraushaar had been unable to reach the other two accusers, despite diligent efforts, and definitively would not be participating in a news conference with only Bialek.

“Ms. Kraushaar has decided not to hold a press conference unless and until the other women come forward and wish to participate,” Bennett told the Times.

Bennett went on to say that Kraushaar “believes it would be more meaningful to have all four women present and participating.”

The Times is also reporting that L. Lin Wood, the celebrity lawyer who has been involved in high-profile criminal cases including those of JonBenet Ramsey, Kobe Bryant and Rep. Gary Condit (D-Calif.), warned other women who might come forward with additional allegations that they “should think twice.”

The Cain campaign has shown a willingness to publicly engage his accusers, distributing news releases chronicling Bialeks financial and employment history. Cain referred to Bialek as “troubled” in a news conference Tuesday.