Even President Obama must avoid spoilers.  


According to The New York Times, the president is making his way through AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” but has to constantly remind people around him not to reveal plot points. 

The series started in 2008 and ended its final season earlier this year.  

The Times points out that a list of spoiler-prone dramas dominates Obama’s television preferences — including “Homeland,” “House of Cards,” “Game of Thrones” and “The Wire.”

According to the report, Obama, after watching the series "Mad Men," compared the character Peggy Olson to the struggle of his grandmother in an era dominated by men. 

He has also expressed interest in “Boardwalk Empire” and “Downton Abbey.”

David Simon, the creator of “The Wire” said his Baltimore show is one of the few set in the “other America.”

“It was set in the inner city,” he told The Times. “The characters were of a class that has been left behind economically and politically.”

But he warned against reading too much into the president’s TV habits. 

“One person’s escape or distraction is another person’s burden,” he said. 

Obama has also expressed a fondness for comedies like “Parks and Recreation” and “Modern Family.” 

However, in an interview with People magazine in 2011, he said his TV preferences are “a little darker” than the rest of his family’s.

Earlier this month before a meeting with a group of technology CEOs, Obama joked that he wished things were as “ruthlessly efficient” in Washington as they are on “House of Cards.”

“It's true. I was looking at Kevin Spacey — I was thinking man, this guy's getting a lot of stuff done," Obama said.