Paul to file class action suit against NSA ‘soon’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) will file a class-action lawsuit against the National Security Agency “soon,” his office confirmed to The Hill. 

Paul had been gearing up for months to lead a suit against the agency, charging that the surveillance program gathering metadata on U.S. citizens has violated people’s Fourth Amendment rights. 

{mosads}He will file the papers in the D.C. District Court as a private citizen. His office did not give the specific timeline for when the senator would file the suit. 

Breitbart News first reported that Paul would soon file the suit.

Paul’s Senate campaign website already encourages individuals to “please sign below and join my class-action lawsuit and help stop the government’s outrageous spying program on the American people.”

The solicitation, which asks for individuals’ names, email addresses and zip codes, also asks for a donation to help “stop Big Brother from infringing on our Fourth Amendment freedoms.”  

Paul first broached the idea of a suit last June, asserting if he could get 10 million people to sign up it would wake up the government to force changes to the program.  

Paul has been one of the most vocal critics of the NSA surveillance program that collects phone metadata — including phone numbers, call times, and duration — on U.S. citizens. He has previously called Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to resign for giving misleading testimony to Congress about the program. 

Since Paul began broaching the subject of a suit, a pair of district court judges has issued dueling rulings on the program’s constitutionality. And the cases could eventually be appealed to the Supreme Court

Paul told CNN in December that he already had “tens of thousands” of people signed up to join the suit and hinted that it could be the first of its kind. 

“We’re still exploring the legal aspect of whether we can file a class action suit,” he told CNN at the time. “When you hear of class action suits, you hear of them mostly on liability. This would be a class action suit on a constitutional question, and it might be the first of its kind if we can file it.”

Paul will discuss the suit in broader detail later Friday night on Fox News. 


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