Jon Huntsman doubled down on criticizing rival Herman Cain's presidential campaign in light of new allegations that he had a 13-year affair. 

"We’ve got real issues to talk about, not the latest bimbo eruption," Huntsman said to the Boston Herald on Wednesday.

On Tuesday the former Utah governor suggested that Cain should drop out of the presidential race in light of an accusation by Atlanta businesswoman Ginger White that she and Cain had had a consensual affair. That allegation stacks on top of other ones made against Cain by a number of women that Cain had sexually harassed them.

"You’ve got to be reconsidering just based on how we have lost focus on the issues that really do matter," Huntsman said in an interview with The Boston Globe. "Every time another accusation comes up, it diminishes our ability to stay focused on the issues that really do matter for the American people. And I think that’s a disservice to the voters."

Before Huntsman's comments on Tuesday, Cain suggested that he was reconsidering whether to move forward with his campaign. His campaign later backtracked those remarks, saying that Cain was only reassessing his campaign strategy.