The “Lobby Day for Reason” will take place on March 23, 2012, in Washington and will offer “secular-minded individuals a morning of free lobbying training followed by the opportunity to meet with congressional staff to discuss issues related to the separation of church and state.”

"We want to have a wave of godless voters flood the halls of every congressional building to show all of America that secular and nontheistic Americans are here, that we expect our elected officials to represent our issues, and that we care about our country just as much as any American," said coalition government relations manager Amanda Knief in a statement. “Only by participating in the very system that is working against our communities right now can we hope to change things.”

In 2011, the group said its lobbying efforts drew 80 people who participated in nearly 50 meetings with congressional staff.

The group said the efforts are necessary because “secular Americans often hide their nontheistic viewpoints and ideologies because they fear persecution.”