An oil embargo on Iran will likely remain in place, even if a final deal is reached on Tehran's nuclear program, a U.S. official told Reuters.  

"The American domestic oil embargo is expected to remain in place, even if a comprehensive agreement is reached," the unidentified official said, according to the news service. 


Talks between Iran, the United States and five other countries started earlier this week to work out an agenda on negotiations for a final agreement relating to Iran's nuclear program. 

An interim deal hashed out last year included a six-month window for an agreement. In the meantime, the United States has eased some international sanctions on Iran, while Iran has agreed to limit the expansion of its nuclear program, among other things. 

Some members of Congress have been skeptical of the negotiations and have pressed their colleagues to push through increased sanctions on the country that would trigger if the negotiations fall through.

The deadline for an agreement comes in July.