Shortly after Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman finished an unmoderated debate where there seemed to be more agreement between the two Republican presidential candidates, the Huntsman campaign challenged Mitt Romney to a debate in a similar format.

Huntsman Deputy Campaign manager Conyers Davis wrote to Romney Campaign Manager Matt Rhoades proposing a "Lincoln-Douglas style", unmoderated one-on-one debate between Huntsman and Romney.

"I’m sure we both agree that New Hampshire voters deserve to hear a substantive discussion from the candidates on why they are best prepared to lead the nation," Davis wrote. "It is for that reason that we are extending a formal invitation to Governor Romney to join Governor Huntsman in a Lincoln-Douglas style debate at St. Anselm College before New Hampshire’s primary."

The Huntsman campaign proposes the a debate sometime between Dec. 17th and 20th or Dec. 27th and January 9th.

The proposed debate came shortly after Gingrich and Huntsman finished their own debate in the same format.

"This evening Governor Huntsman and Speaker Gingrich participated in such a debate, which allows candidates to move beyond soundbites," Conyers continued. "While we understand your campaign has thus far declined to participate in one-on-one debates, we urge you to accept Governor Huntsman’s challenge and join us in offering voters the serious, substantive discussion they deserve."

Read the letter below:

Romney Invite