Jon Huntsman said former President Clinton "did his due diligence" at looking at the former Utah governor's record.

Huntsman, speaking Wednesday on Fox News, was responding to comments Clinton made the night before to Fox News's Bill O'Reilly. Clinton said Huntsman has "arguably has the most consistently conservative economic record of anybody running" for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

"He did his due diligence. He looked at my record. He found that I've been consistent on life, I've been consistent on the Second Amendment, I've delivered the largest tax cut in the history of my state. Healthcare reform without a mandate. The president actually looked into it and he found that I'm the most consistent conservative," Huntsman said. "Gotta give him credit for that."

Clinton's comments might have been meant as a backhanded compliment, but they picked up on a tone that Huntsman's campaign and his supporters have been trying to hit lately. Ads by the pro-Huntsman Our Destiny super-PAC have argued that Huntsman is the most consistent conservative in the field and has just not gotten a good look by most of the electorate.

In the same interview Huntsman also weighed in on the payroll tax cut negotiations on Capitol Hill. Huntsman echoed a Wall Street Journal editorial published Wednesday morning that said Republicans were losing the fight and should just pass the Senate-passed two-month extension.

"I think we are losing the high ground on tax cuts and I think that's a bad place for the Republican Party to be," Huntsman said.

Both Republicans and Democrats have said they would prefer a yearlong extension, but members of the Senate have said that the two-month extension passed because a compromise on a yearlong extension couldn't be made.

Huntsman said it was important for Republicans not to appear to be against tax cuts.

"We need at least a year but in the meantime we can't run the risk losing the high ground to the Democrats on tax cuts, that's a mighty bad place to be," Huntsman said.