Coach: 'Bad move' to ignore vice president
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It is a bad move to ignore Vice President Biden's phone call, said University of Delaware basketball coach Monté Ross on Wednesday. 

Ross said Biden called to wish the team luck last week before their conference championship game against William & Mary. However, the Blue Hens coach said he has a policy of not answering his phone on game day. 


"We were at breakfast the day of the game, and I look down and I never answer my phone on game day," Ross said, according to USA Today. "And I look down and it was a 202 number, so I just pressed ignore. But I will listen to my messages. And I listened to my messages, and I had a message from Vice President Biden, that he was calling to wish us luck. Bad move to ignore the vice president. Really bad move."

Ross said he tried to call the number back. But when you redial the vice president, it does not automatically connect. 

"But he did call me right back, and it was — I thought he was just going to say good luck, but we talked for five or 10 minutes, and he was in Chile," Ross said. 

Biden, a former Delaware senator, went the University of Delaware as an undergraduate and has tweeted about the team this season. 

"He’s Delaware through and through," Ross said of Biden. "And it’s great for our university, in my opinion, to have somebody like that to support you and to be out in the forefront and tweeting about you and the whole nine yards.”

After eventually winning the Colonial Athletic Association championship, the team was slotted as the 14th seed in the NCAA tournament, facing Michigan State later Thursday. Biden has made similar calls to Syracuse University, where he attended law school.