Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz on Tuesday goaded President Obama into taking a selfie with him during a visit celebrating the team’s World Series victory.

Ortiz, the World Series hero nicknamed “Big Papi,” presented Obama with a jersey and then whipped out a phone for the picture.


“He wants to take a selfie!” Obama said. “It's the Big Papi selfie.”


On a more serious note, Obama thanked the Red Sox for helping Boston “to heal” in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing.

“They symbolized the grit and resilience of one of America’s iconic cities during one of its most difficult moments,” the president said, heralding the power of sports “to bring people together.”

“The son of Fenway never forgot what it meant to wear the Boston uniform,” Obama said.

Obama said that, as a baseball fan, he appreciated the team's comeback season, but as a president, he appreciated the team's ability to rally the city. He also paid tribute to the “selfless courage of everyday heroes” like the first responders at the scene of last year's bombing.

“They're all Boston Strong and, ultimately, that's what this team played for last season,” he said.

The president also predicted the city would unify again later this month, as it hosts its first marathon since the deadly bombing.

“The world will return to Boston, and run harder than ever, and cheer louder than ever, for the 118th Boston Marathon,” Obama said.

Despite Obama’s serious words, there were plenty of moments of levity.

“I have to say, y'all have some fanatical fans, and many of them occupy my administration and White House,” Obama said, calling out press secretary Jay Carney and White House photographer Pete Souza.


Souza was spotted at one of the World Series games shooting pictures near the Red Sox dugout, and the White House on Tuesday posted a picture of Carney donning a fake beard — in tribute to the team's signature look — on Twitter.


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