Jon Huntsman quickly and aggressively attacked Mitt Romney for a comment the former Massachusetts governor made on firing people.

On Monday, Romney told a group of business executives at the Nashua Greater Chamber of Commerce that he likes "being able to fire people who provide services to me."

He added that if he isn't receiving a "good service, I want to say, I'm going to get someone else."

Huntsman quickly tried to capitalize on Romney's remarks — later on Monday morning in New Hampshire he said, in contrast, that he likes "creating jobs."

"What's clear is he likes firing people, I like creating jobs," Huntsman said in Concord.

The comment by Romney, whose business record has repeatedly been attacked in the GOP presidential primary, made the comment while he was responding to a question about the kind of healthcare system he would put in place if he were to become president.

Recently, Romney's time at venture capital firm Bain Capital has come under renewed scrutiny, with The Wall Street Journal running an extensive investigative piece of Romney's time there.