Democrats at risk in midterms as Obama's approval rating drops, poll finds
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Democrats may be at risk in this November’s midterm elections as President Obama’s approval rating drops, a new poll suggests. 

A Washington Post-ABC News survey released Tuesday found 41 percent approve of Obama’s job as president. That's down from 46 percent through the first three months of this year and the lowest the polling series has recorded during his presidency.

Forty-two percent approve of Obama’s job on the economy, while just over a third approve of Obama’s job handling the crisis between Ukraine and Russia. 


Two-thirds say the United States is on the wrong track. The poll also found 37 percent approves of the president's job handling ObamaCare, but nearly 60 percent disapprove. 

Despite the low ObamaCare rating, 43 percent say Democrats do a better job handling healthcare issues. Forty-one percent say Democrats also do a better handling the economy while 38 percent say Republicans do, the poll found. 

Democrats lead Republicans, 45 to 44 percent, on the generic ballot, but more than half say they want Republicans in control of Congress to act as a check on Obama’s policies. Thirty-nine percent say they want Democrats in charge to better support those policies. 

Overall, 66 percent of people surveyed say they’re inclined to look around for other candidates to back this November rather than vote for incumbents. Less than a quarter say they’d reelect their current representative.

Thirty percent say Democrats deserve to be reelected and only a quarter say Republicans deserve to be reelected.

The poll was conducted April 24 to 27 covering 1,000 adults. It has a 3.5-percentage-point margin of error.