Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain plans to tape a segment with comedian Stephen Colbert on Friday in South Carolina, according to a spokeswoman.

Colbert declared on his Comedy Central show last week that he is exploring a “possible candidacy for the President of the United States of South Carolina.”


A campaign ad for Colbert released Tuesday urged Colbert supporters to vote for Cain in the Palmetto State; Cain remains on the ballot despite suspending his campaign in December, but Colbert is not eligible.

"On Stephen Colbert’s endorsement of himself as Herman Cain, I find it very clever and humorous, as it should be," Cain told Fox News entertainment blog Fox411.

Cain’s spokeswoman, Kathy Hoekstra, told Fox News entertainment blog Fox411 that Colbert tipped them off on the ad late last week.

“The endorsement of course comes as a pleasant surprise,” Hoekstra said. She also said Cain will tape a segment with Colbert on Friday in South Carolina.

"Anyone who finds what Mr. Colbert is doing offensive, should simply lighten up," Cain said.

"To be perfectly clear, I will not be assuming Stephen Colbert's identity," said the former Godfather's Pizza CEO, who is black. "We are very different when it comes to the color of our … hair."

Colbert compared the two on his show Monday:

“Because Herman Cain and I are so similar, I think that if this Saturday Herman Cain were to get a significant number of votes, that would be a sign that voters are hungry — hungry for a Stephen Colbert campaign,” he said. “Anybody who shares my values can show it by voting for Herman Cain.”

Cain is running a nationwide bus tour to promote his 9-9-9 tax plan. He has not endorsed another candidate for president.